Ryan Hurtgen is a composer, singer-songwriter and designer in the development of sonic instruments for new types of musical expression and listening experiences.  He plays an instrument called the Samalan, which creates vast arrays of harmonics that allow for deep feeling states, providing a window for self-discovery through acoustics. In 2019, Ryan played the Samalan in three sonic meditations at the World Government Summit in Dubai in collaboration with a team of artists who explore sound as an avenue to meditation and health. He has taken his study of Georgian polyphonic singing to the Republic of Georgia to sing with the Didgori Men’s Ensemble of Tblisi.  He is the lead singer-songwriter of acclaimed progressive rock albums with the bands Rene Breton and Perfect Beings. He is currently focusing on creating meditation albums that explore harmonic soundscapes and natural environments for relaxation through his channel OmniAmbient. He is also an LSIT Land Surveyor interested in the future of land development, sustainability and community.



Hillsboro City Park Discovery Trail Project

OmniAmbient Various Health and Wellness programs for Teachers

Jeffco Surveying Field and Office work


Studies in Land Surveying at Missouri State Tech

Fundamentals of Land Surveying Exam (FS) passed

No performances due to Covid Pandemic

Research in principles of Archeoastronomy

Cork, Ireland

Recordings for “OmniAmbient – Activating the Merkaba – with Mikael Spector

Hague, Holland


Release of OmniAmbient


Recording and Study – OmniAmbient – Travel and camping to various natural environments around the United States, no performances due to Covid Pandemic

Hillsboro, MO, USA


World Government Summit – Alchemic Sonic Envrionment – Dubai Future talks with Satya Hinduja

Dubai UAE

Launch of the Resonance Experience Sound Sanctuary Kit,

Los Angeles CA

Guru Purnima Retreat His Holiness – Swamiji Chidanand Saraswati and Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati

Dale Hollow, Kentucky

The Resonance Experience Tour – New York City

Biosonics and Tuning Fork Therapy Course – Dr. John Beaulieu-

Hudson Valley – New York , NY


ASE – 13th addition of Asia Contemporary Arts week, New York, NY

The Apricot Tour-Georgian Polyphonic Singing – Georgia and Armenia

Project Leader – acoustical designLemontree Studios – Highland Park, CA

Perfect Beings – Rosfest Music Festival – Majestic Theater – Gettysburg, PA

Perfect Beings – VIER album release – Inside/Out-Sony


Moon Dreams album release, published Insight Timer

Various meditative concerts, St. Mary of the Angels Church, Los Angeles CA


Studies of Integral Yoga at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Los Angeles CA


Perfect Beings – II, album release – My Sonic Temple

Various showcases, Los Angeles CA

FEAL collective, Los Angeles CA


Perfect Beings – album release – My Sonic Temple

Various Showcases – Sci-Fi Loves Prog Festival – Los Angeles, CA

2008 – 2013

Rene Breton Period – Asleep in Green, Between city and country, The Great Midwestern American Facebook Dream.

SXSW showcase 2011

Various North American small club tours

2004 – 2008

Nashville songwriter affiliations, Nashville Public Library, open mics, studies at Belmont University.

Recording Studio construction and design

Nary a day album release, Live from Off Broadway album release


University of Missouri – studies in Civil Engineering, History and Philosophy

Various musical projects in bands and session playing


Formal education in guitar, drums, piano and voice.


Born in St. Louis, USA