Moon Dreams Released

Notes on this album:

I composed this album as an active tool, as a sound healing mechanism. I’ve continued my interest in composing binaural beats and binaural music. This collection of meditation pieces took place over the course of three months. The challenge of this album was in the mic techniques of the bowls and live instruments, and I felt that the best way to approach this project was to capture the recording of live bowl tones and importantly, how the sounds were moving and mixing in real space.

I think this album would make a nice addition to a meditation retreat and I’ve organized it this way.  It has a way, for me at least, to sit in a place that is very neutral and spiritual.  I hope it comforts you, it has put over 300,000 people to sleep just in the past year.

Moon Dreams
These tubular bells were recorded during a supermoon on November 14th, 2016. The bells are made of stainless steel and they are roughly four feet long. Their sound was captured with three Neumann microphones. The celestial sounds reflect, for me, the essence of comfort and smoothness, duality, self-awareness and being . As you drift into new realms of relaxation, allow these tones to massage and pass through your body, allow the sounds to lead you through your bodymind.  It is an opportunity to use our sense of hearing as a gateway for a bodymind connection. Sleep is about allowing your body regeneration for your day tomorrow.  This track is a tool to allow your body to go deep into the subconscious.  It is soothing and perfectly tuned.

Lotus Morning
This piece is a recording of a live sound bath given in Los Angeles on November 16th, 2016. It consists of two large bronze bowls from Nepal, and a nipple gong from Thailand. In Tibet they teach kids to “watch the sound”. Focus here on the connection of these senses, waking up your body for the new day, stretching and exciting your senses.

There are parts of this track that are purposely quiet.  I feel that the sounds around us should have an opportunity to become part of the music.  The vibratory nature of these metal instruments serve as ways to help you realize that reality too is vibratory.  The sounds of our everyday world are vibratory.  The method is about coming into awareness of the sound around us. So don’t worry about turning up your volume, just set it at a comfortable level and let it be.  Hear the totality of what’s around you.  This is “sama” or spiritual listening.

Rain Delay
Durian Songbird is a good friend of mine and a choir buddy. He is also a master ocarina designer and flutist. His flutes and instruments are made at his factory in Los Angeles. His performance here is a very fluid, water-like drifting through a soft rainstorm.  I feel this is a good track to eat lunch to.  I have always enjoyed the ritual of eating and how sound can serve as a way to compliment these times.  Spend time in the kitchen chopping, sauteing, and brewing.  It’s one of the greatest gifts we have, the process in which we nourish ourselves.  This track is light and comforting.

Astral Body
The body is an extension of the spirit. The mind body connection is again the focus of this meditation.  The track invokes an atmosphere and a pathway to the self.

Station 2
This is an improvisation on a theme I had been working out. I’ve always loved the harp and it’s angelic qualities. I feel it was a nice piece to end the album.