Ryan Hurtgen

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The Samalan

Ryan Hurtgen is a writer, singer and meditation artist from Los Angeles, CA. In collaboration with The Resonance Group, he is developing sonic instruments for new types of musical expression and listening experiences.  His instrument, the Samalan, creates vast arrays of harmonics that allow for deep feeling states, providing a window for self-discovery through acoustics. 

Ryan recently took his study of Georgian polyphonic singing to the Republic of Georgia to sing with the Didgori Men’s Ensemble of Tblisi.  He has composed acclaimed progressive rock albums with the band Perfect Beings and his meditation album Moon Dreams explores harmonic soundscapes for relaxation.

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2019 is showing more promise towards working with sound and it’s evolution as lifestyle and accompaniment to daily meditative time. Sound as a reverent opportunity to turn off from technology. Sound offers us a chance to pause, listen, feel our body, thoughts and awareness. By looking to ancient practices and applying them to modern life, sound can provide an adaptogenic quality. The sonic meditative state increases the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning. Sound is a pathway to new experience, awareness and service.

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