For hire

Songwriting and Recording – Are you an artist looking to record in the studio, express your craft of songwriting and singing? Are you a TV producer looking for a song for your show? I have written and recorded professionally in Nashville and Los Angeles. My songs have been featured on NPR radio, major motion pictures and television.  I run a full scale production and recording studio ready to create your next project.

Film scoring – An excellent score can make a film into a masterpiece.  At our studio in Echo Park we have a team of artists that understand this very well.  I work with a collective of composers that approach the film composition aspect as a team, and this is a great advantage.  Our team specializes in each aspect of film scoring process, from written scores to live recording.

Sound Baths – In addition to creating music for meditation and yoga I also enjoy the live experience of the sound bath.  I use bronze tibetan singing bowls as well as gongs, tubular bells, and Georgian men’s choir singing.  We’ve performed in yoga studios, meditation retreats, and festivals.

Piano Tuning – I’ve been tuning pianos for 10 years, I love doing it, my rate is $200 per tune.